Defending Lee Boyd Malvo

Due to the fact that case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case, any described results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case undertaken by a lawyer.

Defending Lee Boyd Malvo (10/9/2012) - Lee Boyd Malvo’s case remains one of the most highly publicized trials in Virginia history. A disadvantaged youth, Malvo was charged in the series of crimes labeled by the media as “The Beltway Sniper Cases.” Selected to be part of Malvo’s defense team, Mark Petrovich and Thomas Walsh represented Lee Boyd Malvo from shortly after his arrest in 2002 through his final sentencing in April, 2004. Mr. Malvo was prosecuted along with John Alan Muhammad, the man deemed to be... Read More >
Mark Petrovich Helps Exonerate Twice-Deported Alien (10/8/2012) - Nelson Antonio Romero was charged with rape as a result of an incident that occurred in Herndon, Virginia. Mark Petrovich, with the help of an associate, represented Mr. Romero who was acquitted in the Fairfax County Circuit Court. Mr. Romero was an illegal alien who had been wrongly accused of a terrible crime. Despite the accusations during the trial, the jurors disregarded the alleged victim’s testimony, which was shown to be unreliable during cross examination by Mr. Petrovich. Not withstanding... Read More >
Thomas B. Walsh Successfully Defends Fairfax County Clerk (10/7/2012) - The Northern Virginia legal community was stunned when Deborah Sterling, a Fairfax County Circuit Court employee for nearly 17 years, was arrested and charged with four counts of embezzlement by a public official, one count of computer fraud and one count of forgery. Sterling, who had a reputation for being extremely competent, trustworthy and pleasant, proclaimed that she was completely innocent and retained Thomas Walsh of Petrovich & Walsh, PLC, to represent her. The case proceeded to trial and, after... Read More >
The Death Penalty Case of Mark Eric Lawlor (10/6/2012) - After family members, friends and co-workers were unable to reach her by phone, Fairfax County Police officers were dispatched to perform a welfare check on Genevieve Orange’s residence in Falls Church, Virginia. There, they found Ms. Orange on the floor of her apartment, bludgeoned to death. An investigation resulted in the arrest of Mark Eric Lawlor, a leasing consultant at Ms. Orange’s apartment complex. Lawlor was charged with Capital murder, an offense punishable by death in the Commonwealth of Virginia.... Read More >
Joshua Wayne Andrews Charged with Capital Murder in Fatal Shooting of Three Men (10/5/2012) - Joshua Wayne Andrews was charged with Capital murder for the shooting deaths of Romanno Head and Robert Morrison in Prince William County, Virginia. A third man, Rutherford Berry, was also shot during the same event but survived and testified against Andrews at trial. Theses incidents took place during Andrews’ shooting spree that spanned from Virginia to the State of New York. Andrews’ co-defendant, Jamel Crawford, was a key witness for the prosecution and testified against Andrews at trial. In exchange,... Read More >
Sterling Fisher Charged with Capital Murder but Found Guilty of Lesser First Degree Murder (10/4/2012) - Originally charged with capital murder, Sterling Fisher was convicted of murder in the first degree for the stabbing death of a convenience store clerk in Vienna, Virginia. Mark Petrovich and Thomas Walsh were members of Mr. Fisher’s defense team. Mr. Petrovich argued that his client was deeply involved in a drug lifestyle and regularly using phencyclidine (PCP) at the time the crime was committed. If Fisher had been convicted of the crime as originally charged, he could have received a... Read More >
Man Charged with Solicitation (10/3/2012) - After communicating with an undercover police officer online, a Fairfax County Public Schools employee was charged with computer solicitation of a child under the age of 15. The officer, posing as a 14 year-old boy, placed an ad on Craigslist and later sent a photo of a 23-year-old male that appeared to look like an older teenager. The conversations occurred over the course of nine days and remained solely online. The officer attempted to secure a meeting multiple times but... Read More >
The Story of Tony Oulai (10/2/2012) - After attempting to check baggage containing a taser gun and flight manual at an airport in Florida, Jean-Tony Oulai was arrested, suspected of involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C. He was held without charge for nearly a year after his arrest on September 13, 2001, and detained on the basis that he was a material witness. In spite of Federal prosecutors’ acknowledgments that they had no evidence linking Mr. Oulai to the 9/11... Read More >
Virginia Resident Secretly Charged in FBI Terrorist Investigation (10/1/2012) - Mohammed Idris and his traveling companion were questioned by airport authorities prior to boarding their flight from the United States bound for Israel. Upon arriving at their destination, the two were denied entry into the country and returned to the United States where authorities quickly apprehended them. Mr. Idris was accused of plotting a terrorist, religiously motivated attack (a “Jihad”) against the country and people of Israel and also of having knowledge of and affiliations with various terrorist organizations. Mr.... Read More >